Presumed RF Interference

Peter Dambier peter at
Mon Mar 6 14:12:35 UTC 2006

Randy Bush wrote:
>>Cut the ground wire in your power cords but ground the equipment
>>directly to a metal frame.
> i strongly recommend that you do this, especially in your 240vac
> environment.  excellent solution to a lot of problems.
> randy

I agree, dont propose this to a wood logger :)

But yes, I did.

I have seen an installation where "ground" was floating somewhere
at 110 Volts AC. There was no way to tame it. We had to cut it.
Ofcourse we did it not on the wire but in the sockets and we got
a reasonable ground before we did.

Dont read in the books - and dont tell a lawer :)

The soil was extremly dry (not in europe) and the powerline was
extremly long...

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