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Mon Mar 6 14:03:22 UTC 2006

On Mar 6, 2006, at 4:32 AM, Michael.Dillon at wrote:

>> Sadly, many of the folks who are involved with ARIN are sadly short
> sighted
>> in this regard. They dismiss both the idea of an address market  
>> upon v4
>> exhaustion and the idea of clear title to address blocks.
> I can imagine a similar scenario in the boardrooms
> of Exxon et al. A young executive suggests that gasoline
> prices should be raised to $20 per gallon because
> reserves are dropping. The seasoned executives glance
> nervously at the unknown Russian oil reserves and the
> huge Canadian oilsands reserves and wonder what would
> happen to that plan if huge new supplies suddenly
> entered the market.
> Let's face it, IPv6 is close enough to IPv4 that any
> attempt to put a price on IPv4 addresses will simply
> cause a massive migration to free and plentiful IPv6
> addresses.

Or a freeing up of hoarded or unused IPv4 addresses. That's one thing  
spot markets are pretty
efficient at doing in times of scarcity.


> --Michael Dillon

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