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ME> Date: Sat, 4 Mar 2006 19:01:14 -0500
ME> From: Marshall Eubanks

ME> So, if we gave every active ASN a contiguous IPv6 block, and moved
ME> everyone over to IPv6, we would REDUCE the size of the routing table
ME> by a factor of 8.28. That would gain several years of growth before
ME> the routing table is the size it is now.

Exactly.  Fragmentation doesn't help...

ME> Don't hand these out in contiguous blocks, though. One simple
ME> procedure would just be to hand out the first /48 from, say, a /38
ME> and reserve the rest of the /38 for future growth of that ASN.

...and was/is caused by stride-n allocation policies where "n" is too 
small.  (Would any sane software developer use strictly skip lists and 
unsorted arrays?)

Exponential problems need logarithmic solutions.

ME> I am sure that better procedures could be arrived at

"Allocate from the middle of the largest contiguous block.  Align as 

Exponential problems need logarithmic solutions.

ME> With luck, that would snowball into actual usage.

It depends how forward-thinking people are.  A carrot now to avoid a 
stick later would appear enticing...

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