shim6 @ NANOG

Joe Abley jabley at
Sun Mar 5 03:06:03 UTC 2006

On 4-Mar-2006, at 16:31, Matthew Petach wrote:

> And given that any network big enough to get their own PI /32 has  
> *zero*
> incentive to install/support shim6 means that all those smaller  
> networks
> that are pushed to install shim6 are going to see *zero* benefit  
> when they
> try to reach the major sites on the internet.

No support in big networks is required, beyond the presence of shim6  
in server stacks.

The assumption is, therefore, that if there has been sufficient  
deployment of shim6 in client stacks for this to matter, the chances  
are that the servers that those clients want to talk to have already  
enjoyed similar upgrades.

In the companies I have been involved in which do hosting, my  
observation has been that the servers are generally upgraded and  
patched far more vigourously than machines belonging to clients. If  
that non-scientific observation holds any water, then this suggests  
that the issue of shim6 support in servers which are being used by  
shim6-capable clients will look after itself.


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