shim6 @ NANOG

Tony Li at
Sat Mar 4 04:49:34 UTC 2006

>> The alternative, of course, is to wait for IDR to implode and let the
>> finger-pointing begin.
> ... which is what I expect to happen.  A few folks will see it coming,
> design a fix, and everyone will deploy it overnight when they discover
> they have no other choice.  Isn't that about what happened with CIDR, in
> a nutshell?

Actually, no.  For the most part, folks realized that the swamp didn't
scale and they were willing to deploy the fix well before things would
have actually imploded.  Furthermore, the fix and the associated angst
were far less painful and time consuming to deploy than an entirely new
architecture will be.

In short, they were better 'netizens' in that they could see a distant
wall coming and act decisively well before panic set in.


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