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Sat Mar 4 02:05:36 UTC 2006

Thus spake "Tony Li" < at>
>> I'm more confident that we'll find an answer
>> to the IDR problem sooner than we'll convince people to act in the good
>> of the community at their own expense.
> The solution to the IDR problem is to have a scalable routing
> architecture.  Unfortunately, that involves change from the status quo,
> and thus altruistic action.

Not if/when folks understand that the implosion is imminent and the only way 
to preserve their business is to build a better routing architecture.  Only 
when self-interest and altruism are coincident is the latter consistently 

> The alternative, of course, is to wait for IDR to implode and let the
> finger-pointing begin.

... which is what I expect to happen.  A few folks will see it coming, 
design a fix, and everyone will deploy it overnight when they discover they 
have no other choice.  Isn't that about what happened with CIDR, in a 


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