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Kurt Erik Lindqvist kurtis at
Fri Mar 3 10:55:18 UTC 2006

On 2 mar 2006, at 06.16, Kevin Day wrote:

> No, I'm just trying to be practical here... Estimates of IPv4 pool  
> exhaustion range from Mid 2008 (Tony Hain's ARIN presentation) to  
> roughly 2012 (Geoff Huston's ARIN presentation). Sooner if a mad  
> dash for space starts happening (or isn't happening already).
> Does anyone here really believe that there is time for:

So what I think we might need (that I wrote in an internet-draft some  
years ago) is the following things in exactly this order :

0. PI space with an artifically high barrier on entry yet available  
when needed (read cost+administration=LIR or equiv.).
1. Ducttape ala shim6
2. One of breakthrough in graph-theory or a completely new addressing/ 
routing paradigm. Most like the latter.

That will take us past IPv4 exhaustion+IPv6 initial deployment,  
through wider uptake through to the 10-15 years from now when we  
might have an idea of what 2 is. I used to believe that it would take  
10 years to deploy a standardised version of a stack change, I must  
say I changing my mind and I am starting to agree with however said  
that we just need to wait for the next <insert favourite OS> major  
security hole+patch.

- kurtis -

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