DNS deluge for x.p.ctrc.cc

Peter anon.hero at gmail.com
Thu Mar 2 21:10:40 UTC 2006

So I was catching up on old unread nanog mail and I came across YAIGP
(Yet Another Insulting Gadi Post)

Knowing that usenet archives are the great internet intelligence
equalizer, I thought I'd pass along these humorous links.

(or tiny) http://tinyurl.com/mnbk4

with special attention payed to:

You ever find out how to hack those shell accounts?


Did you find a nice home for those bots?

Anyway Gadi, please take your vacuous posts elsewhere and I promise
I'll do the same.

Thanks and apologies to everyone for the interruption.

Randy Bush wrote:
>>this would be a fine thread to discuss on dns-operations, which a
>>bunch of you here have already joined.
> i joined but have never seen a message on that list.  and this
> discussion seems useful.  maybe we should not do a gadi?
> randy

Or a Randy. Oops, you just did.

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