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> Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2006 23:46:22 +0000
> From: bmanning at ...

> when/if a shim6 proof of concept is built,

Let's look at IPv4 options:

 	0x83 0x04 0x04 0x?? 0x?? 0x?? 0x??

usually doesn't make it very far.  Try

 	% traceroute -n -g ip.of.some.router and.of.the.destination

from a few endpoints.  This is for a reason, yes?  Or maybe people just 
blindly copy "no ip soure-route" from the Cymru secure IOS template... 
and maybe Rob was just having fun when he labelled it "noxious". :-)

It's not shim6, but it's something of an analog that's here today.
Perhaps shim6's "intelligent" decisions would assuage transit's concerns 
about endpoints selecting the links.  I doubt it.  (Would anyone turn on 
LSRR if your downstreams spoke multihop eBGP with other endpoints, then 
used that information to select the source route?)

Something along the lines of "no ip shim6" makes these threads moot. ;-)

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