Shim6 vs PI addressing

Owen DeLong owen at
Wed Mar 1 22:58:25 UTC 2006

> Please don't mix up addressing and routing. "PI addressing" as you
> mention is addressing. SHIM6 will become a routing trick.
I think that is overly pessimistic.  I would say that SHIM6 _MAY_
become a routing trick, but, so far, SHIM6 is a still-born piece
of overly complicated vaporware of minimal operational value, if any.

Personally, I think a better solution is to stop overloading IDR
meaning onto IP addresses and use ASNs for IDR and prefixes for
intradomain routing only.

> Greets,
>  Jeroen
> (who simply would like a policy where endsites that want it could
> request a /48 or /40 depending on requirements from a dedicated block
> which one day might be used for identity purposes and not pop up in the
> bgp tables or whatever we have then anymore....)
I would, for one.  Policy proposal 2005-1 (I am the author) comes reasonably
close to that.  It will be discussed at the ARIN policy meeting in
Montreal in April.


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