Transit LAN vs. Individual LANs

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Wed Mar 1 01:33:51 UTC 2006

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> > From: "Stephen Sprunk" <stephen at>
> >> ITYM two big transit LANs -- one must be prepared for a
> >> switch to fail.
> >
> > These're going to be router-to-router connections (each
> > AR is connected to both CRs) and I had thought about
> > tying them all into one VLAN vs. PTP Gig-E.  I was just
> > trying to find out the operational benefits of either
> design.
> If your physical topology is going to be PTP links, then
> you should go with  PTP at the logical level as well. 
> Making one topology look like another is  generally a bad
> idea.

This is what I decided to do.  

Thanks everyone, your ideas (and those of a good friend)
helped me to find the KISS solution. :-)


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