AOL Mail Problem

chuck goolsbee chucklist at
Fri Jul 28 17:03:12 UTC 2006

>>I think Carl,
>>  Charles et al do a pretty good job over there.
>I think Carl moved on to other things in AOL.


>They still do simplistic blocks on content, i.e. containing certain types of
>content will cause a message to be rejected outright, without any sort of
>consideration of the other content of the message.

...and so will over half the mail systems on the wire today. Welcome 
to the 21st century.

>I think that is a broken

Well, the *whole model* is broken. The old one, where we all trusted 
one another, as well as all the various new ones where we all try our 
best to deliver what our customers want while also blocking what they 

The abusers are successfully killing the very system they rely on, so 
I suspect that within a few years it will all be moot. In the 
meantime, deal with it.

Have you requested whitelisting and a feedback loop with them yet? If 
so, you wouldn't be having anything blocked.

--chuck goolsbee
seattle, wa

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