APC Matrix 5000 question(s)

Robert E.Seastrom rs at seastrom.com
Fri Jul 28 13:33:59 UTC 2006

up at 3.am writes:

> I left for several hours and came back to the house stinking like burning
> rubber.  The new batteries are apparently melting the terminal rubber
> insulation.  I had to throw it back into bypass mode and unplug that pack
> (the only one with new batteries!)

By "terminal rubber insulation" do you mean the insulation on the lugs
that bolt to the terminals on the batteries?  If so, this is a sign
that you either didn't clean the contacts or didn't bolt them together
firmly.  Those batteries need to be initially charged, and they draw a
lot of current when doing that...  which heats up any kind of high
resistance connection in the chain.

> Any ideas to the cause?  The status screens looked ok. ("no bad batteries"
> again)

By the way, you probably ought to replace all the batteries in all
your packs regardless of what the battery status monitor says.


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