Ultradns using anycast?

Jeffrey Sharpe jsharpe at cyberlynk.net
Thu Jul 27 18:11:58 UTC 2006

I would like to thank everyone for their responses to my issue.
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On 27-Jul-2006, at 13:11, Jeroen Massar wrote:

>>   Or how to get someone at UltraDNS or PIR to take ownership of a
>> issue and resolve it?
> What about google(ultradns noc) and feeling lucky.
> Not forgetting puck.nether.net/netops/nocs.cgi and various other
> resources mentioned in the FAQ and in a certain thing called a search
> engine.

PIR is the TLD manager for .ORG. Afilias provides technical  
operations for the ORG registry on behalf of PIR; the ORG zone is  
hosted today by Neustar Ultra Services (which is the more recent,  
correct name for UltraDNS following their acquisition) under contract  
to Afilias.

If you have a problem with the technical operations of the ORG zone,  
registry or nameserver, then Afilias is an appropriate organisation  
to contact. I don't have the NOC contacts to hand, but personal mail  
to me will cause things to happen, so long as I'm not buried under a  
pile of other distractions (as I mentioned in private mail to Jeffrey).


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