AOL Mail Problem

Allen Parker infowolfe at
Thu Jul 27 15:25:53 UTC 2006

On 7/27/06, Suresh Ramasubramanian <ops.lists at> wrote:
> On 7/27/06, Tom Quilling <tier1 at> wrote:
> > so the suspicion is, that AOL is blocking whole ranges..
> > may be a postmaster of them is on this list....
> You'll find them pretty easy to reach - contact information, phone #,
> email addresses etc on their postmaster site.
> One added extra that we have (not aol, as far as I have seen) is a
> spamblock query page .. go to
> and query your IPs there,
> the ones that AOL is blocking.  See what you get.

I have to add my 2/100ths of a monetary unit, after having dealt with
aol repeatedly. Attempting to return emails forwarded from [email protected]*
to my gmail account, with the complaintant email originating at aol
resulted in 554. At this point, despite having aol *unblock* my gmail
account from sending to * from here with reply-to/from
[email protected]* (after 20 hours of my time wasted, i might add... ~2 hrs
per call x 5 calls) I managed to get a whitelist on the domains in
question, which... unless you classify phpbb notifications as "spam"
have never been even remotely associated with spamming.

Now.. to prevent bs like this from happening in the future... this
email address (infowolfe at is the only email address
associated with me that doesn't reject * with 550 with a link
to a page explaining that the user needs to get a better isp. I really
wish more people would stand up to aol and explain to them that their
spam filtering stuff is ineffective as well as annoying.

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