APC Matrix 5000 question(s)

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Thu Jul 27 14:07:27 UTC 2006


I've had this APC Matrix 5000 with 3 XR battery packs for almost 6 years
now, and it's generally been rock solid, with lots of uptime when
needed...the average laod is only around 24%, which probably helps.

At around 1am last night, my network had a power event which brought
everything down...everything came back up on its own except a customer's
colo server, which has a dead power supply and one of my servers, which
had a dead drive in its RAID 1 (the other was ok).

I looked at the UPS menus...status, etc and everything looked 100%, with
"BAD BATTS 0", 12 hours+ of est runtime, etc.  I then decided to run a
battery test, which I stupidly did without going into bypass mode first
(kinda thought it would do that automatically), power was interrupted and
the alarm started beeping with a "BAD BATT" light, after which power came
back on and it eventually quieted down and looks the same as it did
before...still "zero bad batteries" in the status menu, 100% etc.

Any clues what the problem is here?  Is it the UPS itself, or one of the
battery packs?  If the latter, is there a way to find out which one?


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