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Tom Quilling tier1 at
Thu Jul 27 12:58:51 UTC 2006

hi suresh

thanks for the info...I was not aware of this...
I have filled in the form...
however we can see that AOL is even blocking IP's from fixed IP block, of
which we know, that these IPs have never been used before for sending mails.
we have activated some servers on those IPs for testing AOL...
so the suspicion is, that AOL is blocking whole ranges..
may be a postmaster of them is on this list....


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What you have run into is called AOL's "second received line" filtering

If your adsl customer is infected, or someone who had that IP recently [if a
dynamic IP] is infected and his PC is originating spam and malware .. AOL
will block any email with that infected IP in the headers.

Simple reason for this .. a lot of malware is getting quite good at
hijacking Outlook or other MUA on a user's PC [including smtp auth
credentials if any] and sending out spam through the ISP's mail relays.

Please sign your IP space for a feedback loop from aol -


On 7/27/06, Tom Quilling <tier1 at> wrote:
> We are an ISP in Germany and experience since this morning, July 27 
> 07:00 GMT problems with all mail-in Servers at AOL.
> They seem to refuse mailconnections, giving error message 554 for no 
> reason at all, since our servers are not listed in any RBL etc..
> We can see, that they extract from the header the original sender IP 
> of a mail, instead of the one from the MAIL-RELAY-SERVER, as specified in
> As these senders are from ADSL IP's, AOL refuses them.
> This is definitely wrong by AOL...
> Does anybody else experience this Problem..

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