Global Crossing Contact / BGP and SONET interaction question

Neil J. McRae neil at DOMINO.ORG
Wed Jul 26 14:14:39 UTC 2006

You should be able to tell from (cisco speak) 

	show controller pos a/b

The counters should be increasing if there are any issues with the line
or the path

Make sure both ends sync from the line (as it's a syncronous link).

A path switch event with won't impact BGP, if it did the entire internet
would be a constant
flap. Typically path switches are 50ms in the metro and not much longer
on long distance 
(or is done at the optical layer). It also could be that the protection
may need to be

Make sure you set scramble on the link as some multiplexers still have
traffic signal issues that IP traffic can trigger.


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