Hot weather and power outages continue

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Mon Jul 24 22:26:00 UTC 2006

While hardwired (fiber/coax/copper) aggregation points usually don't have
backup power on them, most cellular towers have either batteries or
generators for backup power, correct?


On 7/24/06, William S. Duncanson <caesar at> wrote:
> Indeed, my RoadRunner connection is the same way.  All of my stuff stays
> up,
> but "teh Interweb is broken." I'm guessing that they (DSL/CableCo's) find
> it
> too cost-prohibitive to roll out UPSes to the customer aggregation points.
> Suprisingly, my cable TV goes out as well when the power goes, so it might
> just be more than the CMTS that's going out.
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> --On July 24, 2006 2:22:26 AM -0400 Sean Donelan <sean at> wrote:
> > While its expected for individual customers to go down during power
> > outages, usually because the customer does not have local backup
> > power, it is less common for major web sites and co-location centers
> > to experience downtime during power outages.
> Except if you're in Qwest territory.  Apparently they don't put any
> battery
> backup at their mini-DSLAMs and such.  Every time we lose power, I'm still
> up, but the DSL signal goes away.  Haven't checked dialtone, but I keep
> meaning too during the next outage.
> Now I know it's not exactly fair singling out Qwest, because I'll bet
> Verizon and others share the same thing, and I'm pretty sure it's just
> their
> ADSL service and not the  voice service (I haven't checked though) it's
> still becoming more and more common that as an individual user your
> connection to the internet, unless you're paying for something other than
> ADSL or Cable, will be just as affected by local power outages.

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