Hot weather and power outages continue

Jim Popovitch jimpop at
Mon Jul 24 20:26:16 UTC 2006

Robert E.Seastrom wrote:
> "Christopher L. Morrow" <christopher.morrow at> writes:
>> On Mon, 24 Jul 2006, Richard A Steenbergen wrote:
>>> Come on Sean, this "very few disruptions" stuff is below your usual
>>> standards. The least you can do to help us pass the time in this damn heat
>>> is to recount a few good stories about routers you could scramble eggs on.
>>> :)
>> there is a funny story of some dial devices on fire, and still passing
>> packets...
> and an equally funny story of said devices being held up in customs in
> a particular european country because they said "TNT" on the outside
> of their crates...

I ordered a new personal PC back in March(?) from Lenovo (discount 
overstock offering).  Everything shipped immediately but was delayed in 
transit, due to a "Live Entity" inspection hold placed on it by the US 
FDA.  The packing list included an item identified as "mouse" (it was 
right under the item "keyboard").  I'm waiting for nVidia or ATI to come 
out with a next-gen product named "Nuclear XForce" or "Plutonium 
Wonder".  :-)

-Jim P.

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