Hot weather and power outages continue

Sean Donelan sean at
Mon Jul 24 06:22:26 UTC 2006

Due to the hot weather in many parts of the US, there have been various
power outages.  Some large outages have been caused by severe storms, but
mostly the heat has just overloaded power distribution equipment.

The good news so far is the Net has shown very few disruptions due to
the heat and some multi-day power outages.  The major ISP access providers
have been indicating about average numbers of outages in their networks,
i.e. even during "normal" times, there are usually a few tens of
thousands of lines down nationwide.

While its expected for individual customers to go down during power
outages, usually because the customer does not have local backup power, it
is less common for major web sites and co-location centers to experience
downtime during power outages. reported it was down tonight due to power problems, with a
temporary page up now. is hosted at a few Internet
co-location data centers (Equinix and CWIE).

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