Open Source NMS Software

Gary T. Giesen giesen at
Sat Jul 22 16:16:28 UTC 2006

I'm looking at depolying an open source-based NMS solution, and I'm
looking at a couple products, mostly OpenNMS (
and Zenoss ( I like the looks of Zenoss, but
I've never really heard of it and I'm wondering if anyone has any
experiences with it that they can share before I go and spend hours on
an install/configuration. Is there something wrong with it, and that's
why I've never heard of anyone using it? Am I just out of the loop?
Even better would be someone who's used both products and could give
me a quick comparison. I'd also welcome suggestions of another product
(as long as it's not bb, nagios, or hobbit) that I should be looking


Gary Giesen

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