final agenda for August 10th DA Workshop

Paul Vixie vixie at
Sat Jul 22 07:20:23 UTC 2006

> > The agenda is quite tight.
> Perhaps *too* tight.  When I was at Usenix SRUTI '05 last year, the
> single biggest problem with an otherwise good workshop was a lack of
> cross-pollination time.

agreed.  (i was on the progcomm for that; thanks for your kind words.)

> Remember that the hallway track of a conference is where much of the
> most interesting stuff happens:
> > 11:55 - 12:30 	Lunch break 	Got chow?
> Indicative of the problem.

also agreed.  which is why there's this little ditty at the end:

	Dinner, hosted by the ISC.

this is "pizza and beer in the warehouse" but it'll allow cross-pollination.
Paul Vixie

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