Deaggregation Disease

Rob Evans internetplumber at
Fri Jul 21 13:17:15 UTC 2006

> Just to make it clear: AS4151 was 9 month ago. Now we see history again
> with new actors. (I guess the actual increase was done by various ASN of

I'm curious how you reach the conclusion that RENATER has contributed
to many of the prefixes over the last week.  They do seem to have
announced a bunch of prefixes that could be aggregated, but look at
the following report:

There seem to be a whole load of ASNs that have deaggregated.  AS5416,
AS5639, AS6140, AS9121, AS13049, AS16130, AS17849,  AS18049 (that's as
far as I got before getting bored).  Some of these are advertising the
covering prefix too, so they're certainly aware of how to aggregate.


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