Web typo-correction (Re: Sitefinder II, the sequel...)

Edward B. DREGER eddy+public+spam at noc.everquick.net
Sat Jul 15 03:29:45 UTC 2006

SS> Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2006 13:38:31 -0500
SS> From: Stephen Sprunk

SS> Ever used Word or Outlook?  They annoyingly "fix" words as you type without
SS> offering multiple choices or even alerting the user that they're doing it.

Yes.  One of the first "features" that I shut off.

SS> OpenDNS's typo-fixing service can supposedly be turned off, but I don't see
SS> how that would work when you have multiple users behind a NAT or a recursive
SS> server.  There also may be hidden problems if an ISP pushes all of their
SS> users onto this service and the users have no clue they've been "opted in"
SS> or how to opt back out (and we all know how well "opt out" systems work for
SS> email in general).


SS> And that solves most of my objections, at least for HTTP.  It still breaks a
SS> lot of other protocols.

...which still poses problems that should not be ignored.  I forked a
subset of the main discussion in hopes of better idea organization.
Other protocols should indeed be considered.

It's a question of protocol-specific proxying when [at least for now]
DNS returns protocol-agnostic answers.

As a side note, I wonder how many users would notice a typo-intercepted
HTTPS side and associated invalid/bogus certificate.  I'm afraid the
number would be rather low.

SS> If web browsers consulted SRV records instead of blindly connecting to the
SS> A, that would appear to solve everything: NXDOMAIN for the A but the HTTP
SS> SRV could point to the typo-correction server.  I'd not be inclined to argue
SS> with such a setup, but it requires a refresh of every browser out there, so
SS> it's not realistic.

Agreed re the short term.  However, SRV records have other uses -- why
should MXes get all the special treatment? -- so I'm trying to put
another tally in the "[potential] reasons to use SRV" column.  Perhaps
if the ball began rolling...

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