Sitefinder II, the sequel...

Simon Waters simonw at
Thu Jul 13 07:39:15 UTC 2006

On Wednesday 12 Jul 2006 18:35, David Ulevitch wrote:
> On Jul 12, 2006, at 12:30 AM, Simon Waters wrote:
> > On Tuesday 11 Jul 2006 20:22, Daniel Golding wrote:
> >> I'm at a loss to explain why people are
> >> trying so hard to condemn something like this.
> >
> > Experience?
> People have never created a platform to manage recursive DNS

That somewhat depends on what you mean by "platform".

If by "platform" you mean a remote managed service for recursive DNS, no one I 
know in the DNS business ever tried to sell that (although arguably the ISPs 
generally supply something similar free to every customer), that doesn't 
necessarily negate their experience.

Most of those I know try to deploy recursive services as close as possible to 
the client, avoiding where possible alternative views of the DNS, and 

Perhaps time to ask Brad, Paul and Cricket what they think, and have answers 
to their comments.

I commend your enterprise, but have you considered trying to sell the "data 
feed" via firewall channels, where the restrictions could be applied more 
specifically than via a different view of the DNS.

With automated responses to "bad things", it is usually best to minimise the 
scope of the change. Similarly typo correction makes sense for URLs, but not 
for most other uses of the DNS (hence the proviso you make to switch it off 
if you use RBL, although I'd say switch it off for all email servers less you 
start correcting spambot crud, our email servers make a DNS check on the 
senders domain, that doesn't want correcting either), so the answer is 
probably browser plug-in (although most browsers already try to guess what 
you meant to some extent).

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