Best practices inquiry: filtering 128/1

Jerry Pasker jerry at
Tue Jul 11 02:56:27 UTC 2006

>Actually, I take that back.  Why wouldn't you just get a feed from 
>Cymru <> ??

Because you fear that their routers that distribute the feed could 
become own3d and used to cause a massive DoS by filtering out some 

You asked.   And I use their route feed.  :-)

I figure it a problem occurs, 1)I won't be the only one that has that 
problem 2)I'll hear about it on NANOG.

I figure the minute risk is worth the convenience....the chances of 
their routers getting 0wn3d are probably about the same as my routers 
getting 0wn3d.  The chances of it happening aren't zero, but probably 
pretty small.  Enough so that it sure beats editing the BOGON list 


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