Sitefinder II, the sequel...

Mark Jeftovic markjr at
Tue Jul 11 01:57:26 UTC 2006

Christopher L. Morrow wrote:

> :( Seems really, really dumb to me, since everything is NOT (surprised?) a
> web browser :( I wonder what happens when it tries to correct my enum
> dns requests? Be cautious that some largish provider's dns cache's might
> be doing this as well 'soon' despite engineering folks saying 'gosh that
> seems like a very poor plan...' :(
> 'fun'!

All of the arguments I've heard against this idea today apply well and 
good to the context of a sitefinder, but the simple fact that this is an 
application oriented enhancement to DNS resolvers fall on deaf ears.

David has already responded that people can configure their resolver 
service to return NXDOMAINs instead and nobody here has acknowledged it.

The more I see people laugh at this, the more I'm convinced this idea 
has legs.

(and if anybody is wondering, I have no affiliation with it.)

  I just see a lot of the grief caused by phishers, and alot of the spam 
crap sites clogging the net and it's nice to see somebody taking a fresh 
approach, doing something about it and adding another avenue of 
mitigation to the equation.


(P.S. One of the reasons I'm behind this so much is because David has 
been a long time participant in the project and I know he's a 
"white hat" DNS guy trying to fight the good fight, so when I look at 
this project, I see Dave's track record behind it.)

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