[address-policy-wg] 91.192/10 to be used for PI assignments to End Users

leo vegoda leo at ripe.net
Mon Jul 10 12:33:15 UTC 2006

Hi Jeroen,

Jeroen Massar wrote:
> On Mon, 2006-07-10 at 13:50 +0200, leo vegoda wrote:
>> Dear Colleagues,
>> At recent RIPE Meetings, we have reported a steady rise in requests from
>> our members for Provider Independent (PI) address space for End User
>> networks.
> Any link to the slides which might contain the expected increase for the
> coming years? Especially the estimated number of routes that will newly
> be announced using BGP because of this would be something nice to see.

Slides from RIPE 52 are available here:


We have not made a growth projection in these slides because we 
concentrate on reporting what has happened.


leo vegoda
Registration Services Manager

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