91.192/10 to be used for PI assignments to End Users

leo vegoda leo at ripe.net
Mon Jul 10 11:50:48 UTC 2006

Dear Colleagues,

At recent RIPE Meetings, we have reported a steady rise in requests from
our members for Provider Independent (PI) address space for End User
networks. We have reclaimed and recycled space from closed Local
Internet Registries to meet this demand, but we are nearing the point
where the available PI space will run out.

In the past, we made PI assignments from former Class C space (193/8 and
194/7). Because of the increasing demand for PI space, we made sure that
we would be able to use some of our most recent allocation of address
space to meet future requests. We have designated 91.192/10 for PI
assignments to End User networks.

When the former Class C space is exhausted, we will start to make PI
assignments from 91.192/10. We will let you know when this happens. We
are announcing a pilot prefix using the RIS beacons, you may want to
update any filters that you have in place.

The RIS beacons are announcing the following networks:

You can ping Full details of reachable IP addresses and 
tools are available on our web site at:



leo vegoda
Registration Services Manager

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