Rodney Joffe rjoffe at
Sat Jul 8 20:29:14 UTC 2006

This is directed to the remaining 9,983[1] subscribers to the NANOG  
list who have *not yet* sent email to announce the fact that they are  
lurkers. (I think I heard someone say that there were 10,000[1]  
people on the list, but maybe it was only 1,000, or 100 - I'm old,  
and bad with numbers and have A.D.D. and all that). But whatever the  
number... if you believe you have to post a message to show that you  


No-one really cares. Please go read Jim Popovich's misunderstood post  
which started this whole thing:
Read Joe Yao's follow up, logically letting those subscribers from  
the now recognized slow learning crowd know that Jim was describing  
actions he took for *other* lists that *he* controlled. Not NANOG.  
And if you still don't get it, read Jim's confirmation of Joe's  

But *please please*, don't post a message just because you think that  
if you don't, you'll be unsubscribed.

If this was a list I had any influence over, I would use the fact  
that a subscriber posts a defensive message as canonical evidence of  
lack of clue, and instantly drop them from the list.

[1] And yes, if the number is anything close to 10,000, we can make  
the assumption that the list is comprised predominantly of hoisl's  
classmates (a free NANOG 27 t-shirt to the first person who recalls  
and provides a link showing the connection :-)). And if you do know  
what the reference is, check that no-one has yet provided it before  
doing so - don't become a hoisl yourself.

Speaking only for myself.

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