Copper thefts in california

Mark Boolootian booloo at
Fri Jul 7 20:49:34 UTC 2006

> In addition to the traditional backhoe threat, as the price of copper
> increased so has the threat of people stealing telephone trunk cables
> containing copper wire.

Indeed.  Here's a story from five years back:

Fiber optic cut disrupts network access for hill facilities
Vandals severed wires in effort to take copper cabling in underground conduit

By Cathy Cockrell, Public Affairs

02 March 2001 | An underground fiber optic cable connecting the campus with 
facilities in the Berkeley hills was severed during the early morning hours 
of Tuesday, Feb. 27. The incident disrupted network connections for hundreds 
of employees at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Lawrence Hall of 
Science, the Samuel L. Silver Space Sciences Laboratory and other Strawberry 
Canyon operations.

Campus officials believe the cut was the work of thieves, who forced open 
a manhole cover on the hillside above Memorial Stadium to remove high-voltage 
copper cabling from an underground conduit.

"The fiber cable apparently was in the way; they just chopped it out," said 
Berkeley lab Manager of Communications Facilities Ed Ritenour, who spent much 
of the next few days "running up and down the hillside in a lot of mud" to 
oversee repairs.


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