DNS Based Load Balancers

Paul Vixie paul at vix.com
Thu Jul 6 16:44:42 UTC 2006

> There is a new player on the block that I see more and more 
> http://www.infoblox.com/company/

infoblox isn't new.  i'm familiar with them since they use BIND as their
DNS protocol engine, and are long time members of the ISC BIND Forum.  i
recently did "colour commentary" for an o'reilly/infoblox webinar (see
<http://infoblox.market2lead.com/go/dnsbind5> for more info on that.)

most importantly to this thread, infoblox doesn't offer GSLB, they just
do network identity (dhcp, dns, ldap, that kind of thing) on an appliance
platform.  folks seem to like it pretty well.  (i wonder if ISC should
print up some "BIND Inside" stickers? :-))

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