DNS Based Load Balancers

Paul Vixie vixie at vix.com
Wed Jul 5 18:16:39 UTC 2006

> As someone who has also deployed GSLB's with hardware applicances I would
> also like to know real world problems and issues people are running into
> "today" on modern GSLB implementations and not theoretical ones, as far
> as I can tell our GSLB deployment was very straight forward and works
> flawlessly.

since "works flawlessly" could just mean that you don't have any reported
problems with the technology -- no complaints from your users, no bugs logged
with your vendor, etc, i have two bracketing questions.

	first, have you measured the improvement you got -- in terms of
	min/max/avg/stddev of TTFB/TTLB (time to first byte / last byte)
	with the appliances turned on vs. turned off?

	second, have you measured the dns damage your gslb might cause or
	contribute to, due to things not responding to unhandled QTYPES
	(AAAA comes to mind) or use of abnormally low DNS TTL?

i'm not as much interested in whether a technology causes no problems for its
operator as whether its cost:benefit is worthwhile to the internet community.
Paul Vixie

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