IP Delegations for Forum Spammers and Invalid Whois info

Mark Foster blakjak at blakjak.net
Mon Jul 3 05:16:14 UTC 2006

I assume the ongoing problems that forum administrators have with people 
randomly signing up to forums - even closed ones requiring admin approval 
for all accounts - for the purpose of spamming their web urls around the 
place is an old one.

I run such a forum and have started implementing /16 level bans to try to 
slow them down.  Obviously not the best solution.

The forum in question is phpBB (I know - whos isn't) and i'm yet to have 
time to actually start digging into whether there are better ways of 
responding to this issue. (Volume isnt prohibitive - yet.)

In the most recent case the IP address space that the website concerned 
points back to is in the Ukraine and the listed abuse contact is on a 
domain which is canned due to invalid contact details provided.

My question then is - what happens now?  The IP address space is 
essentially 'untraceable' except perhaps through 
bandwidth-supplier-agreements or somesuch.  Shouldn't IP's with similarly 
invalid contact details be 'suspended' after being given opportunity to 
provide updated, correct details?

The IP range in question is - and a snippet 
of the whois info provided is as follows:

remarks:      ****************************************
remarks:      * Abuse contacts: abuse at netcathost.com *
remarks:      ****************************************

person:       Vsevolod Stetsinsky
address:      01110, Ukraine, Kiev, 20Á, Solomenskaya street. room 206.
phone:        +38 050 6226676
e-mail:       vs at netcathost.com
nic-hdl:      VS1142-RIPE
source:       RIPE # Filtered

Forgive the relative noobishness of the question, but I've not had to deal 
with this sort of situation before.  Should I be forwarding to RIPE?

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