Fanless x86 Server Recommendations

Florian Weimer fw at
Sat Jul 1 14:29:32 UTC 2006

* Mike Tancsa:

>> > Many mini-itx boxes dont have 2 PCI slots.  You might be better going
>> > with a mini-itx solution and then use a small switch and trunk the NIC
>> > to act as a VLAN router.
>>Are there any fanless routers with proper 802.1Q support (with ingress
>>VLAN tag filtering, for instance)?
> Not sure exactly what you mean by vlan tag filtering and if you mean
> OSes based on i386 mini-itx boxes or all fanless routers in
> general.

Uhm, I should really clarify that I should have written "switches"
instead of "routers".  I hope the tag filtering make more sense in
this context. 8-)

I'd be interested in something that offers more than four Ethernet
plugs per PCI slot, and the only way I know to get that are switches.
But those with 802.1Q tagging and proper VLAN separation are all
rather noisy.

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