DNS deluge for x.p.ctrc.cc

Barrett Lyon blyon at prolexic.com
Mon Feb 27 03:02:17 UTC 2006

I thought I would chime in quickly, one of my customers has been one  
of the targets of this attack.  The x.p.ctrc.cc DNS server was shut  
down on the 15th, the response itself had a 360000 TTL so that should  
be expired by now.

On this end of it, the largest traffic spike we received was around 8  
Gbps.  The last time we saw this traffic was on the 21st around 2 GMT  
with traffic at about 2 Gbps, it has lost a lot of steam.  If you see  
unusual DNS traffic to AS32787 or, chances are it is  
part of this attack or the attacker setup a new RR to query against.

I've yet to see a copy of the malware that is doing the spoofed  
queries itself.  If anyone has it, I would like to take a look.

Thanks and I am really impressed with everyone's reaction to this  
attack.  Especially Rob Thomas, he really has a grip on it.



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