Transit LAN vs. Individual LANs

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> On Sat, 25 Feb 2006, Neil J. McRae wrote:
>>  > An argument could be made for individual VLANs to keep things
>> > like b- cast storms isolated.  But I think the additional
>> > complexity will cause more problems than it will solve.
>> Vlans will not stop all typres of broadcast storm.
> So, perhaps I missed the earlier explanation, but why use switched
> segments at all? if the purpose is to connect routers to routers putting
> something that WILL FAIL in the middle is only going to increase your
> labor costs later :(
> So, for router-router links, GE doesn't have to mean switched...

Very true.  In fact, GE is even easier because part of the GE standard
for UTP requires it to be Auto-MDI-Sensing (MDI vs MDI-X is handled
automatically in ALL compliant GE/TP interfaces).  Thus, you can use
any eia-568[ab] cable, straight or crossed between them.  (Note, USOC
cables still won't work, it has to be 568a or 568b pairing)


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