anybody here from verizon's e-mail department?

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> message 2 on that page is interesting: (and apropos to previous threads)

Oh Yes.

And I do know that (U.Alabama at Birmingham) has had some smtp
redirection stuff that they've been doing for a while - or were doing
a few years ago, when I last discussed it with their postmaster, to
stop rootkitted *nix workstations and infected windows boxes spamming
out their network.

What they did struck me as quite interesting - still strikes me as
interesting from what I remember of it now 5 yrs later.  If someone
from uab is reading this and can describe it to nanog that'd be great.

As for broadband ISPs I think charter has been putting a walled garden
in place even though they, unlike aol, dont control the user client
etc.  Saw a preso about this at MAAWG in san diego last year.

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