Cisco 3550 replacement

Warren Kumari warren at
Wed Feb 22 17:27:20 UTC 2006

Perhaps this thread would be more appropriate for the Cisco-NSP list?


On Feb 22, 2006, at 5:44 AM, Aaron Daubman wrote:

>>  And no hierarchial QoS, which was requirement of the original  
>> poster,
>> of course 3550 offer no such either.
> IIRC, the only switch to currently support HQF is the 3750 Metro  
> Series:
> products_qanda_item09186a00801eb822.shtml
> """
> Q. What is the difference between the Cisco Catalyst 3750 Metro Series
> and the Cisco Catalyst 3750 Series?
> The Cisco Catalyst 3750 Metro Series is built for Metro Ethernet
> access in a customer location, enabling the delivery of more
> differentiated Metro Ethernet services. These switches feature
> bidirectional hierarchical QoS and Traffic Shaping; intelligent 802.1Q
> tunneling with class-of-service (CoS) mutation; VLAN translation;
> MPLS, EoMPLS, and Hierarchical Virtual Private LAN Service (H-VPLS)
> support; and redundant AC or DC power. They are ideal for service
> providers seeking to deliver profitable business services, such as
> Layer 2, Layer 3, and MPLS VPNs, in a variety of bandwidths and with
> different SLAs. With flexible software options, the Cisco Catalyst
> 3750 Metro Series offers a cost-effective path for meeting current and
> future service requirements from service providers.
> The standard Cisco Catalyst 3750 Series is an innovative product line
> for midsize organizations and enterprise branch offices. Featuring
> Cisco Systems(r) StackWise™ technology, Cisco Catalyst 3750 Series
> products improve LAN operating efficiency by combining
> industry-leading ease of use and high resiliency for stackable
> switches.
> """
>> 32Gbps Backplane (Counted packet-in, packet-out, each direction,  
>> with all
>> packets the same size, multicast?) and 52 GE interfaces.
>> Not exactly non-blocking.
>> Gotsta do the CiscoMath.
> The 1U with the best blocking ratio is the 4948:
> products_data_sheet0900aecd8017a72e.html
> "96 Gbps nonblocking switch fabric"
> However, I'm unsure of the details of its QoS support?
> Regards,
>      ~Aaron

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