Quarantine your infected users spreading malware

Edward W. Ray spamjail at mmicman.com
Tue Feb 21 00:21:33 UTC 2006

And I have a solution for bad drivers; required all manufacturers to fix the
steering wheel so that acknowledged "bad" drivers cannot turn the wheel to
make turns, change lanes, etc.  Or perhaps limit the mph to 35 max and deny
them access to freeways.

ISPs should not police users, just like auto manufacturers should not police
drivers.  That is what driver's licenses are for.

IMHO, a user should have to demonstrate a minimum amount of expertise and
have a up-to-date AV, anti-spyware and firewall solution for their PCs.
Drivers are required to have licenses, registration and insurance in order
to drive said vehicle, why not something similar for PCs.  You would have to
get the whole world to agree on that one, so it may be difficult to
implement.  But the US,EU, Japan, Australia should take the lead and
implement something like this.

Ed Ray

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