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I've used MLPPP before with T1s...not the hardest thing to fact,
MLFR is a little bigt nastier, but still nothing that the average CCNA
couldn't wrap their brain around...

Erik Amundson

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Greetings all,

Would anyone who has every done MLPPP over MPLS care to share their
experiences with this type of network?

We have a customer that is implementing an MPLS network that will have 2
to 6 T1 feeds at some locations that will be using MLPPP for channel
bonding. This is a telco provided network that will be customer managed.

The routers will be customer managed because the same equipment will
have interfaces to another telco's network as a backup to the MPLS
network. Needless to say, no telco will support equipment that
interfaces competitors networks.

The customer is being told by their router vendor that an MLPPP/MPLS
network is 'too complex' to be managed by anyone except for the router
vendor's VARs or the telco. They indicated that it would be impossible
for the customer's router vendor certified network person to come up to
speed on MLPPP/MPLS configurations and manage such a network -- that it
takes years to adequately learn how to manage that type of network

This doesn't sound like rocket science to me -- it should be simple and
rather straight forward, I would think: The telco specifies its
requirements for the router configuration, the customer implements that
configuration on the required router interfaces, the telco monitors line
quality, and the customer does basic router monitoring. Am I missing
something here, or is the router vendor just blowing a lot of smoke to
try to provide business for some of his clients that provide managed

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

Jon Kibler
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