a radical proposal (Re: protocols that don't meet the need...)

John A. Kilpatrick john at hypergeek.net
Thu Feb 16 02:51:16 UTC 2006

On Thu, 16 Feb 2006, Edward B. DREGER wrote:

> Stop.  Examine.  Think.  Then respond.


> Coop ASNs/IP save ASNs and aggregate routes.  Full stop.

Maybe I missed it, but is there something in your solution that keeps 
dual-homed leaves from having to renumber when changing ISPs?  In your 
concept, is there some "ownership" of the address space on the part of the 
customer?  I know that being able to swing to a new provider (due one of a 
hundred reasons, including Layer 8 manangement decisions) without having 
to renumber or suffer significant downtime is one of the things that makes 
dual-homing appealing.

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