a truly radical proposal

Edward B. DREGER eddy+public+spam at noc.everquick.net
Wed Feb 15 18:05:50 UTC 2006


RIRs refuse to grant ASNs to dual-homed leaves.  Transit providers 
_must_ cooperate with each other.  Hopefully they coalesce joint ASNs 
and space responsibly before sending such merrily along to the global 

Voici, non-portable ASNs and "minimum height to ride" requirements for a 
portable, personal ASN.  This really isn't much more restrictive than 
today's policies, and changing an ASN is easy for small leaves.

The biggest pitfall I see:

Imagine having to renumber when _any_ upstream changes.  I propose that 
this is reasonable for > /24, where such is the status quo.  For <= /24 
non-PI space, one could use non-coop space from a specific upstream -- 
again, the status quo.

On a related note:

Someone pointed out off-list that the "coop ASN" approach requires 
creating a new ASN when one changes providers.  Yes, but this still uses 
no more ASNs (unused ones are returned, right?) than if each leaf 
registered its own portable ASN.

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