NANOG36-NOTES 2006.02.12 talk 5 IPv6 --fear and GOSIP in Dallas

Bernhard Schmidt berni at
Mon Feb 13 22:54:03 UTC 2006

On 2006-02-13, Matthew Petach <mpetach at> wrote:

> Wes George, Rob Rackell hat, couldn't be here
> due to weather.  Pro v6, looking at it with skepticism.
> Sprint close to center of v6 world.
> 200pps on v6 network.

Uhm, excuse me, is something wrong with my calendar and we had Apr 1st

For example have a look at, the former IPv6 project
group of IPv6 at the german NREN. The graphs are frozen at the numbers
of Jan 6th since IPv6 is now managed by the same NOC IPv4 is, and they
don't update that page anymore. When looking at last months graphs for
their external connections C&W, Geant and DeCIX you get 3Mbps on
average, which makes 200pps already with largest packet size (average 
is more like 300 bytes). Unfortunately there is no pps-graph available,
but I believe AS680 did more than 1kpps on average alone. Another nice
stat (no pps again, but you can do the math) is at .

Sprint is far, really far away from the center of the v6 world. Among
the large international carriers doing IPv6 I'd call C&W, NTT, GBLX and
Tiscali the center. Sprint appears in a number of AS paths just because
it is the link between the "decent" IPv6 networks and the swamp space
consisting of announced but unused prefixes and networks still doing the
old 6bone way. No wonder they see no traffic. Apart from I can't remember seeing interesting content behind
Sprint at any time.

> Internet doesn't use v6 for real yet

>From their limited perspective this might be true.


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