ASNumber Extension for Firefox available

Andre Oppermann nanog-list at
Mon Feb 13 18:52:52 UTC 2006

william(at) wrote:
> On Mon, 13 Feb 2006, Richard Cox wrote:
>>> Another thing I want to do is to show the number of RBL
>>> (Spamhaus, etc) listed IPs per AS.
>> That sounds useful.  As would be the possibility to block access to
>> sites that are so listed (in the same way that software installation
>> by unauthorised sites is blocked until specifically enabled)
> Since I'm one of the few people who has this data, I can tell you that 
> actual 'number' is not as usefull as it may seem. There are different
> RBLs with different focus and point of view and while some list individual
> ips and live for a few days, others list ip blocks (and sometimes entire 
> allocated block) can exist for months and years and are result of manual 
> research. The first one causes a lot highier number in ASN RBL listings 
> but underscores significance of the block listings.

I'd like to inlcude a category in the ASNumber tooltip which lists
the number of listed IPs within that AS per RBL. It'd look like this:

  SBL:  5835/5
  XBL:  2645/3
  SCBL: 3864/4

[numbers made up..., the second number is the average of listed IPs
per /24 announced by the AS]

Entire netblocks do not count as one but as many IPs they span.


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