Gmail weirdness?

Mark Foster blakjak at
Fri Feb 10 08:15:06 UTC 2006

Anyone noticed any odd behavior with gmail? Particularly in the last few 

Particularly, we're seeing gmail deliver multiple instances of a message 
from a gmail subscriber to a mailing list server...

The following post gives as much info as i've been able to collate to 

The problems were first observed by us week-before-last.

At this stage i'm being forced to moderate any gmail-using-subscriber, it 
may be that we need to forbid entirely.

Gmails website didn't list any suitable NOC-type contact addresses, nor 
are there any on the NOC list site.

The fact we're seeing discrete SMTP connections does make it look like the 
problem is definately related to the-other-end and at the minimum, some 
liason with an appropriate person at google/gmail would be great.
Likewise if this is a 'known issue', someone please feel free to shoot me 
down as appropriate....

Mark Foster.

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