SPAM Level Status - And why not stop the peering with lame ISPs

Alain Hebert ahebert at
Thu Feb 9 19:42:58 UTC 2006

    Is it just me or the level of spam coming from ASIA (region) has 
just increased 10 fold in the past week?

    And naturally abuse emails are left unanwsered.


     I could see Peer stopping annoncement of the routes of ISP's that 
do not comply with abuse (I mean high volume of abuse here) after 12h...

    Or why not having the registrar blackhole the domain if the abuse 
level gets too high?

    Right now I see that most of our clients are blacklisting emails 
from China since it looks like they just dont care about fixing their 
security/spam issues...


    That new bunch of spam is hard to tag on digest alone...  And I dont 
believe in regexing the content to see if a url is listed (too many 
false positive).

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