announcing IXP mailing list in LAC region

Ricardo Patara patara at
Thu Feb 9 16:27:55 UTC 2006

I'm just forwarding an announcement that might be in of the interest of
this community.


In preparation for the 5th Latin America Regional IXPs Meeting to be
held within the framework of LACNIC IX on May 23, 2006, in the City of
Guatemala, and with the aim of creating permanent spaces that will
enable IXPs to communicate and exchange information, the napla at 
mailing list has been created.

Among others, this list has the following objectives:

1. To bring together all those who are interested in the operational
and functional aspects an issues of IXPs, so that all participants can
gain value by exchanging information.
2. To provide continuity to the results of the NAPLA 2005 meeting
	(Regional Interconnection Project)
3. To prepare the agenda and topics for the NAPLA 2006 meeting.

With these aims in mind, the following subjects will be discussed on
the NAPLA mailing list:

- Regional Interconnection Project (including all its dimensions:
technical, political, administrative, commercial if necessary, etc.).

- Proposing topics that are of interest to our region's IXPs, in order
to assess the possibility of including them in the May meeting.

- IXP Implementation and Operation (better practices, exchanging
experiences, available Technologies, procedures, constitution,
organization, services, etc.).

Some of the topics that are presented on the mailing list may
eventually become additional specialized lists, that is if the amount
of traffic justifies their creation.

In order to channel discussions and focus debates, Yuri Herrera
Burstein, General Manager of IXP.Peru, has kindly accepted to act as
the list's moderator.

To subscribe to the list, please go to

The list is completely open to all those who wish to participate.


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