So -- what did happen to Panix?

Josh Karlin karlinjf at
Wed Feb 8 05:04:50 UTC 2006

Chris has it!

And to be clear, we only require a slow (1 day) provider changeover in
the case that you want to announce your old provider's sub-prefix at a
new provider.  For instance, if you are an AT&T customer using a 12/8
sub-prefix and change providers but keep the prefix, the prefix will
look funny coming from another originator for the first day and be
delayed.  All other methods of changing providers will not be
interfered with.


> I had thought Josh's paper (or maybe not josh, whomever it was) said
> something along the lines of:
> 1) if more than one announcement prefer 'longer term', 'older', 'more
> usual' route
> 2) if only one route take it and run!
> So.. provided Connexion withdraws from 'as-germany' and announces in
> 'as-atlantic ocean', and so on there would only be 1 route, and you'd fall
> to step 2.
> (yes, the paper was more detailed and there were more steps...)

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